About Monty and Bella

Monty and Bella came to live with Chris and Scott when they were six years old. They are now 14 years old. Why they came is one of the stories we will tell you in the future. They are brother and sister kitties with fur as soft as silk. They have been entertaining us from the moment we met them. Sometimes they are naughty – like when Monty climbs the curtains when he wants to go outside to explore, or when Bella sneaks into the bedroom and goes for a nap under the covers on the bed. Monty especially likes cat treats and when Chris goes into the kitchen, there he is, so quickly you only see a blur. He sits on the counter top and pulls on the cupboard door to remind Chris where the treats are! So, Monty and Bella get their treats, as will you as you get to know them and their silly antics!


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