All About the Author – Chris Inrig

Well, really, to tell you everything about me would not be very exciting. I’m a mother of four wonderful children: Eric, Elizabeth, Emily and Michael and am Nana to seven grandchildren – three boys and four girls – but this seems to change frequently! When I was a child, I loved to have a pencil and clean white sheets of paper on which I could scribble my thoughts. My favourite gift to receive was a book! Back then I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my story telling gifts, but as often happens when you are older and have swept away all the reasons you had not to do what you really enjoyed, I began writing my thoughts in journals. Since I worked in a church setting as an Administrator, I had lots of opportunity to learn about God. Along that journey, I came back into contact with the gifts I had been given at my birth. The blank page called me again and I started writing poetry, hymns and stories. And what fun that was! When Monty and Bella came into my life, I was tickled by their antics, their silliness and their relationship with each other and us, so I just had to write about them. There has been opportunity to imagine all of these pictures that go with the stories, and what a privilege to meet up with Heather Burrill who was able to take my word pictures and paint them in her whimsically delightful way. It’s a huge joy to work with her. That’s enough about me for now. I hope that you enjoy our stories!

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