About the Illustrator, Heather Burrill

It was a lucky day when I spoke to Heather’s mom about this book series I was writing. I told her I was looking for a person who could draw the pictures I had running through my head. “I know just the person,” she said, “my daughter, Heather, illustrates and I think she’d be just what you would want.” So, I met up with Heather, who not only likes the great outdoors, but is a breath of fresh air herself. I sent her away with some descriptions of what I wanted Monty and Bella to look like. I sent her away with a long list of pictures I described to go along with the words of my story. And, poof!, Monty and Bella were born into the series, The Adventures of Monty and Bella. By profession, Heather Burrill is a teacher of pioneering and wilderness skills, an artist and a photographer. By nature, she is a woman who enjoys living off the land and making things with her hands. She lives on Salt Spring Island B.C. and when she has time is building her own timber frame home in the Algonquin Park area.

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