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Monty and Bella wish to thank the nice folks who are enjoying their stories. The kitties are almost hard to live with now, being that they are stars!

I am glad to announce that Monty’s Christmas Caper has arrived from the printer’s and is available to be purchased. The price is $15.00 Cdn. Of course, mailing adds to the cost.

If you live in the Ottawa area and would like a copy of Monty’s Soggy Day ($15), Monty’s Midnight Meows ($15), or Monty’s Christmas Caper ($15), please call me at 613-738-5322 and I’ll arrange for you to get one. Thanks for your support!

For out of towners: if you wish to leave a comment with your name, address and phone number, I will prepare a signed copy for you. Mailing the book will incur an additional charge.

E-transfers to would be the easy way to send in payment. Mailing costs will be added to the purchase price of the books.

Monty and Bella thank you for your support.

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